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Case Studies

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All Star Martial Arts

From $9k-$102k/Month in 3 Years and now opening their 3rd location.

Champs Academy

From $0-$100k/Month in 3 Years and now opening their 3rd location.

Grimsby Karate

From $2k-$20k/Month in 10 months.

Tiger Kicks Martial Arts

From 0-415 students in 2.5 years.

House Of Dragons

Generated their first 100 students

Ignite Taekwondo

2000% increase in growth.

Columbus Martial Arts

223 new students in 12 months.

Black Belt World Kitchener

43 new students in one month.

Before: July 2020

After: June 2023

Before: June 2020

After: Location 1 | June 2023

After: Location 2 | June 2023

Combined Revenue Of $82,837/Month